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Eagle Palm Application needed?

Is the Eagle Palm Application form still needed, or just entered in Scoutbook and approved, etc?
Thank you,
Tim Davis

there is no longer an Eagle Palm App

Is there an official document from BSA National regarding this?

Q: How does the Scout apply to obtain any Palms he might be entitled to receive?

A: Eagle Palms may be reported by the unit leader submitting an Advancement Report No. 34403, making the appropriate entry via Internet Advancement, or via Scoutbook once the option is available. The Eagle Scout Palm Application, form # 58-709, was previously discontinued since it is not necessary for Eagle Palms to be processed or approved at the council level.

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Thank you very much!

Hi Jen-
Is there a target date for the Eagle Palm entry option in Scoutbook to be available?


Eagle palms are fully supported in Scoutbook. For palms earned with Eagle, enter the date of the Eagle Board of Review as the date of the palm(s). This will bypass the 3 month check between palms.

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Thanks Ed - how about palms not earned at the time of eagle?

Palms earned after Eagle work like any other advancement. Click on the Scout’s advancement page, select the next palm and mark the requirements complete (MBs will automatically be filled in). Scoutbook will check that the Palm is 3 months after Eagle or the last palm earned.

Scoutbook will continue to add palms until the Scout has 23 (the maximum possible).

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Worked great. Thanks Ed