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Eagle Palm for scout that completed board after 18th Birthday

I have a scout that completed their Eagle BOR after their 18th birthday, which is perfectly fine. At the time he completed the BOR, he had enough MB for a bronze palm. However, when I try to award him his bronze palm in Scoutbook I get an error that he must have been in the troop for 3 months as an eagle. I just awarded palms to a different scout recently after he completed his BOR and did not run into this problem. I’m wondering if the issue is the age of this particular scout (which is the difference between the two scouts I can think of), or perhaps something has changed in scoutbook in the way time requirements are calculated? Either way, my understanding is that this scout can still earn his palm on the day his Eagle was earned at the BOR.


Set the completion date for the Eagle Palm to the same date recorded in Scoutbook for the Eagle Board of Review. This will bypass the 3 month check.

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Thank you!

I see what happened. Another admin approved the rank but didn’t set a date on the BOR. I added the date then I set the palm to the same date as the BOR, which worked.

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