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Eagle Palms awards

  • Does National BSA keep track of boys who earned Eagle Palms?
  • Should we be including the Palm application with the Eagle application or after and separately?
  • Does it matter if we submit the Palm application via ScoutBook or Hardcopy?
  • If we submit via ScoutBook when will the Scout be recognized as earning the Palm?

Palms are entered in Scoutbook and Do Sync to AKELA for Scouts
I do not believe the Application in Needed anymore. Just adding an approved date in Scoutbook after Eagle is approved by council is enough. NOTE: If earned at same time as Eagle Rank, you need to wait for the Eagle to appear approved in Scoutbook by Council, then use the SAME DATE AS EAGLE for the initial group of Palms. NOTE 2: I do not even COMPLETE Eagle Ranks - that way I can easily see when it is approved cause Eagle Shows for Scout.
Scouts are recognized at the Troops timing - at Awards presentation or COH

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