Eagle Palms Defaulting to Wrong Version

All of my older Scouts have Eagle Palms that defaulted to the 2017 version vice the newest version after the 2017 cutoff. How do I change this to the current Eagle Palms version?

not sure I understand - can you send a screen shot? Once Complete/Approved the (2017) drops off - easiest way to see is look for a BOR - that would be old version

I think there is only the 2017 version right now.

There have been some minor word changes since then, but they are already reflected in Scoutbook.

That is what I thought since they are added in ScoutBook after you “earn” the previous Palm and all of my Troop says (2017 Version). Our Council Registrar changed them on our latest Eagle and the 2017 dropped off. She said I was using the wrong version but I never selected any vesion to fill in.

I will when I get home from work - thanks.

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