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Eagle palms with Eagle paperwork?

I thought that in order for a scout to get Eagle Palms, along with the Eagle workbook, they had to turn an advancement report in with The paperwork. I had someone tell me when he tried to do that in Scoutbook, it won’t let him. Does the advancement form come after the EBOR? It seems to me there are some leaders and scouts that are unaware of the opportunity for earning Palms with Eagle status and thereby a scout gets cheated, for lack of a better term, out of Palms. I know there was a form that was previously used, which would show the scout’s eligibility for palms. What does everyone else do about this?

The Eagle Palms can’t officially be approved until the Eagle rank is approved by National. You can approach this in a couple different ways: 1) You could pre-fill out a unit Advancement Report with the Eagle Palms on the form and have the members of the EBOR sign it after successful completion of the EBOR, but hold on to the form until after the Eagle Scout rank is approved by National. 2) Or you can wait until after the Eagle Scout rank is approved by National, and then add them in Scoutbook, and then print out the Advancement Report from Scoutbook.

If you would like, the Scout can also bring a copy of the Individual Advancement Report (IAR) or Scouts BSA History Report to show to the members of the EBOR.

Adding to @JenniferOlinger’s response, just set the date earned to match the Eagle CoH date to bypass the 3-month and BoR requirements for palms that were earned effective the date of the EBoR.


Of our half dozen Eagles this year, only one scout has shown an interest in insta-palms. He brought me the paperwork, and even I found it confusing. I filled it out, and he’ll take it to HQ. (In our troop, we expect the scout to handle his own advancement record after Eagle.) His dad is our advancement chair, so I’m not sure if he managed the digital side of things yet. This was all done well after his BoR.

I’m hoping this scouts success will encourage others to rack up MBs.

That’s interesting!

In the troop I grew up in, that would mean the scout would have to travel across two counties, over 50 miles away. Some scouts in that council would have to drive 250 miles to the council office.

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It’s like you’re my evil scouter twin! But growing up we didn’t have nearly the paperwork for palms. The CC just tacked my name on the next advancement order form and took it to Mickey’s men’s store, who sent the carbon to HQ.

I think my scout plans on dropping his in the mail. Once an Eagle, these days, scouts photograph their paperwork.

My council does not want any Eagle Palms listed on the Eagle Rank unit advancement report. They are listed on a separate unit advancement form. Scout Book probably will not allow Eagle Palms to be allowed to be awarded until National (Council actually) updates Scoutbook. There used to a separate form form for each Eagle Palm to be awarded. That form is discontinued as of 2018 (?).

Also, as a District Eagle Board Chair, we do not sign the Eagle Palm Unit Advancement Report as this is a unit only responsibility.

Why? National says you can get Eagle Palms immediately with your Eagle Rank, so making a Scout wait three months and do another BOR seems awfully like adding a requirement…

To: Steve C. I made no mention of 3 month wait for Eagle Palms earned before Eagle. I stated was that there probably a delay in updating ScoutBook until Eagle Rank is awarded in ScoutBook. My last unit Eagle Scout I found I could not update ScoutBook after his District Board I’d Review.


Gotcha, I misunderstood what you were saying. Yes, units cannot approve Eagle Rank; I think you can generate two separate advancement reports by tweaking the Needs Purchase list.

I still submit the old style form when I turn in the Eagle application to council after the BOR. The input it there. We aren’t using Scoutbook, just IA2. Never had a problem.

The Tidewater Council includes a letter to the unit with the certificate on how many palms the youth qualifies for based on what is on his record. .That allows them to purchase the palms along with the Eagle kit at the same time. Saves a lot of problems later.

Advancement Coordinator for two local troops (one boy, one girl) & District Advancement Chair.
In our Council we are allowed to use e-mail to obtain Council’s permission to hold an Eagle BOR. After the Eagle BOR the appropriate paperwork(Advancement Report, Eagle Application, etc) is delivered to the Council office (hand delivery is strongly recommended). (I personally deliver to Council, I have talked to leaders of the other troops in our rural district and they also drive to the Council office (between 50 to 100 miles one way into a major metropolitan area). The Council sends to National, and about 2-10 days after delivery to Council the approved Eagle Rank shows up in SB. I check SB every few days and when the approved Eagle shows up in SB I enter into SB the Eagle palms earned before Eagle BOR with a completed date of the Eagle BOR. When it is time to make a purchase for our semi annual Court of Honors I print out the SB Advancement report including the Eagle Palms. No other paperwork is required.

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