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Eagle Palms

I’m catching up on some items that occurred prior to my being ‘drafted’ grin as Advancement Chair. A young man completed his Eagle with a BOR date of 12/01/2018 with 32 merit badges earned. He received his 33rd MB ten days later. As best as I can discern, this entitles him to receive his Bronze and Gold Palms concurrent with his Eagle rank, without being required to do the 90 day wait and separate Scoutmaster Conference and BOR. Now if he decides to try for his Silver Palm he will have to fulfill the time, and SM conference requirements. Am I reading this correctly? Any input gratefully appreciated. (Edited to remove the incorrect reference to BOR)

Pretty close. Eagle palms no longer needs BOR


merit badge 26 = Bronze Palm
merit badge 31 = Gold Palm

They would have been approved at the same time as the EBOR and use the same date as the EBOR.

For the Silver Palm and any others, the Scout would need to fulfil the listed requirements. The requirements no longer include a BOR.


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