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Eagle Project For Charter Organization (Church)?

The question has risen about a young man performing his Eagle Project to benefit the Church which is our Charter organization. I’m aware that the requirements state that projects benefitting a church are okay, but I’m feeling a conflict of interest with a charter organization. I’m still researching but so far haven’t found any guidance on the CO aspect. No project proposal has been submitted, it’s all discussion so far. I simply would prefer to “have my ducks in a row” in the event it comes about. Since the CO is in direct line in the formation and maintenance of the Troop, it seems close to benefitting the BSA which is not allowed. I would appreciate thoughts and civil opinions on the matter. Thanks!

I am aware of past Eagle projects which have benefited churches that are also chartered orgs. I’m not aware of any prohibition on such projects, but I’m also not an Eagle Project Counselor.

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