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At an EP (Eagle Project) yesterday I got asked by a Scout an EP Question. He asked if he could raise money for a non-profit for his EP. My first thoughts were:
Yes, IF a defined % were first established of $ from his family (both direct and extended were determined.)
But I kind of think an event would need to be established - I am doing a fish fry to raise money for X. Then Scout can show their planning and leadership.

The question that comes to my mind is “How is this different from routine labour?” Non-profits (typically) raise money as a matter of course. Additional questions would of course include how the scout will:

  • Provide planning
  • Provide leadership

I am guessing that the % figure is the maximum percent?

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Yeah % as max - so family does not buy the EP.

I would say just raising money would not qualify as an Eagle Project. Raising money can be part of the Eagle Project.

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[Eagle Scout] Projects may not be fundraisers. In other words, the candidate may not stage an effort that primarily collects money, even if it is for a worthy charity. Fundraising is permitted only for securing materials and otherwise facilitating a project.

If fundraising takes place, Eagle candidates must also be allowed the choice not to be involved in it. If Scouts do give leadership to fundraising efforts, then this can be considered in fulfilling that part of requirement 5 to “give leadership to others.” If Scouts are not involved, or if all of the contributions come from relatives, for example, the Scout shall not be penalized. The Scout’s leadership in the project itself should be the primary basis for determining whether requirement 5 has been met.

Also on page 4 of the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook:

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Yeah @JenniferOlinger that does pretty much answer it.

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If the Scout is looking for ideas, here is a pretty good resource from Boys’ Life:


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I was thinking I had seen something saying that. I just couldn’t find it this morning.

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