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Eagle project over seas

I knew one of the rules is it doesn’t benefit the scouts ( doing a project for a the troop or summer camp) but what if a scout choice a project that benefits a scout program over seas…I am friends with a scout master in east Africa he has a need of Getting 300 scoutbooks to expand his program, I have read of other eagle projects scouts have done over seas ( helping communities ) but would this be a non starter because it’s helping a scout program Albite in anougher country. ( scout had a never ideal of fixing up our town community hall was going to present it to our coucil advancement this spring of course with the virus that now is on hold) we come feed back

I think that would be a decision for the District advancement chair or approver

Is this the BSA program, but in another country? If that is the case, then I think it would not qualify as an Eagle Scout service project. “Benefit an Organization Other Than the Boy Scouts of America

“To help other people at all times” is a basic tenet. The Eagle Scout service project is an important and meaningful opportunity to practice what we teach. Projects must not be performed for the Boy Scouts of America or its councils, districts, units, camps, and so forth. The unit’s chartered organization, however, is certainly a good candidate, as are other, international Scouting organizations or other youth organizations such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

On the other hand, if it’s part of another Scouting program (not the BSA), then I think it could work. I would recommend asking your Council Advancement Chair to be sure.

We do plan on asking just wanted some I put first thanks

It’s. It the bsa programe but it is scouting ( they are part of I think the term is world wide scouts) it’s not a situation were a American citizen is working and living in anougther country and is running a troop. It’s been interesting talking and getting to know him it sounds like the ages are different ( there is no separate cub or Boy Scout) and most of there ativties are community related , they run a coed program from what I gaver on the British model I be real interested in getting a copy of one of there books ( English is taught in there schools as one of there officials language) from our talks I know they don’t have merit badges as we do.

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