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Eagle Rank Application 3-copy form Discontinued

I’m the Advancement Chair for our troop. When I dropped off an Eagle Application today I learned that they no longer have the triplicate forms.

I don’t mind filling out a form on a PDF, but now I have to print it? I’ll have to do this before I go to meetings so the other members of the Review Board can sign it. Plus, I’ll want to keep a copy for my records, so I’ll need to photocopy. This seems a lot more complicated then the triplicate form.

My troop is not keeping records in Scoutbook.

Julie - are you referring to the Eagle rank application? If so, I seem to recall that this is the Scout’s responsibility.


The Scout should be downloading the Eagle Rank application then editing it with Adobe Reader.

The Scout’s full record is already in Scoutbook so the Scout can save time by generating the report in Scoutbook and download it. The rank and Merit Badge dates will be filled in even if your troop is not actively using Scoutbook. Since these dates come from the advancement database, there will not be a discrepancy when the application is checked at the council office. Information not in Scoutbook will need to be filled in manually using Adobe Reader.

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The Eagle rank was fine. The scout did everything he was supposed to.

I’m talking about the triplicate advancement report forms that I use at the BORs (tenderfoot, second class, etc). I needed more and was told they aren’t selling them anymore and I was told I could download and print them to fill out and turn in.

I’ll need to make a copy of this form for my records. The form requires signatures, so keeping everything digital isn’t practical.

This is a lot of extra steps from what it was. We aren’t using Scoutbook as a troop so I don’t have access to maintain records (I already checked).


34403.pdf (58.2 KB)

Julie - ok so the advancement report then. From the way you posted it seemed like the Eagle Rank Application which is something different. You could use Internet Advancement to submit the ranks and awards and it will generate the advancement report although not same image but it is accepted at the shop.

Yes I realize now that my post was confusing and apologize for this. I’m usually better at getting my point across but was flustered last night with the change and trying to figure this out.

Thanks for being patient and helping me through this.

Julie - no problem. Now when it comes to the PDF, if generated via scoutbook, IA or some other electronic tracking is that it is always available so no need for that printed copy. All that would be needed is the single one generated via e-method printed once and signed. I will also point out that generally the only signature needed is that of the person submitting it. You could if desired obtain the other signatures and it need not be those on the BoR as again that is of little consequence as it has never seemed like those signatures were checked.

Always be watchful of the “We never did it that way”

Thanks for clarifying. I’ve always obtained the signatures because I don’t to mess up an advancement because I failed to have everyone sign.

Julie - no problem. You may want to consider electronic reporting based on what is found in the Guide to Advancement:

Benefits of Electronic Advancement Reporting

  • Provides straightforward and direct method of reporting
  • Eliminates issues with deciphering handwriting
  • Helps in local council verification of Eagle Scout Rank Applications
  • Records ranks, badges, and awards in accordance with BSA advancement rules
  • Consolidates data files to reduce or eliminate record gaps when Scouts transfer units
  • Supports national data analysis for advancement statistics
  • Assures advancement is counted in the Journey to Excellence
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My troop uses Troop Master for advancement. Our Advancement Chairman prints out a copy of the report they generate for a BOR for each member. Then after the board, the record is updated in software and pushed to Internet Advancement.

In our council rank badges are provided with a copy of the report. I simply print it from Internet Advancement and take it in. But the only purpose of that is to get the badges. Once reported you are done for the actual advancement.

I would highly recommend using some form of electronic tracking as I can’t imagine dealing with all the paper. But, not everyone is there yet.

As for the Eagle, all that I turned into Council was the completed application. I happened to scan the thing before turning in “just in case.” But my council office is so nice I am certain if I asked, they would make a copy of any form as I turn it in.