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Eagle Rank not updated in Scoutbook

We have a Scout that earned his Eagle on 5-23-19 but he still shows as a Life Scout in IA2.0, Scouts that have earned their Eagle after that date are showing as Eagle.
I have reported this to Scoutbook Support on November 13th but still haven’t gotten an answer.
Scoutbook Support Incident SSD-88285

This is a know issue they are investigating

Thank you for your quick response.

I too have a scouts who has earned Eagle and has received is presentation packet. However he is still Life in Scoutbook. We have the ability to input Eagle as earned. Should we do or not do that?


Please send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with your unit, council and the BSA Member ID for these Scouts. Post the SSD- number you receive back in the automated reply. The developers are investigating why some Scout’s Eagles are not being synced from ScoutNET to Scoutbook.

You can enter Eagle as completed but you cannot approve it. Approval flows one way, from ScoutNET to Scoutbook. Once approved, you can mark it awarded in Scoutbook.

Thank you Ed. I received incident SSD-89121

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