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Eagle Rank still not showing in Scoutbook

I posted on here before but it timed out and have also received an incident number but when I sent a follow up because it’s been a month with no response.
I received the following answer from support that doesn’t make sense because the Eagle Rank can’t be awarded in Scoutbook.
Is there now a way to award the Eagle Rank in Scoutbook?

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Re: Eagle Scout Rank not showing in IA 2.0

Thank you for contacting the Boy Scouts of America.

Thomas simply needs to be awarded the Eagle rank in IA2. He has been awarded Eagle Silver and Bronze Palms on the same date. Once this is entered it will match his record in Scoutnet.

If you need additional assistance, please call us at 972-580-2489, Monday through Friday 7am to 7pm Central time.

Thank you for your support of Boy Scouts of America.
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Hi, @LoriMaguire,

I believe it can be marked Awarded, and Completed, but not Leader Approved. I believe that the Leader Approved step for Eagle Scout is the only one that has to be pushed from national, rather than the usual push from the unit-side for other ranks and awards. I haven’t tried to mark an Eagle “Completed” in a while, since I generally get notice a while after the EBoR has occurred.

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What Charley said is accurate. Also, it’s worth noting that “awarded” specifically means they have been given the badge. I think you meant “approved” based on the context of your post.

I work for the Council and I had a Scoutmaster come into the office saying one of his Eagle Scouts is still showing as Life Rank when he earned his Eagle back in May. Scouts that have earned Eagle after him are showing as Eagle.

That’s happened before (I think you’re not the only one to have reported it, I mean). Does council’s interface show the scout as having completed his board of review and been approved? It’s worth ruling out paperwork handling issues either at council or at nationals before digging into Scoutbook.

One thing I have seen personally was a BSA ID entry glitch that occurred somewhere other than our unit (in the pre-Scoutbook days) that awarded Eagle to the wrong scout (same unit, adjacent BSA IDs). I wonder if that’s what may have occurred, and why the system isn’t seeing the scout’s rank completion.

There was a hickup several months ago with Eagles - but a fix is being worked on

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He has had his BOR and Ceremony, the right Scout and ID # was marked and now I have another one, same situation.
Everything on the Council side has been processed correctly the same as every other Eagle has been processed and only a couple are still showing as Life rank in IA 2.0

Lori, I also have a Scout in our unit who had his Eagle BOR a month and a half ago, but it is still not updating as showing Eagle yet. I’m going to speak with Council today, but this is the longest any of the Eagle Scouts have taken to update.

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A fix for this issue was supposed to have run 1/12/2020 - do you still see missing Eagles in Scoutbook?