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Eagle Scout and Palm approval after 18th birthday

I’m having a little trouble. I have 2 scouts that earned Eagle Scout on 12/21. With this being right at Christmas and New Year’s time I am just now getting in to record them in scoutbook. I can put the BOR date and mark the last requirement leader approved. It then marks the rank as completed. It will not let me mark the overall rank completion as leader approved.

I then go into the Eagle Palms and try and approve those that were rightfully earned upon successful Eagle BOR. When I put the date in and try to mark them leader approved I get a message that says the Eagle rank must be either approved or awarded first.

Anyone know a way around this? I have gone to my needs approval report and my needs awarding reports and neither of these Eagle awards show up as needing approval and/or needing awarding.

Also both of these scouts turned 18 before their BOR but the BOR was held within the appropriate time frame.


Units cannot mark the Eagle Scout rank as approved. This rank has to be put in by your council via ScoutNet after it has been approved by National.


Gotcha. Thanks! I’ll keep checking back as the paperwork should be making its way up the trail for approval.

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