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Eagle Scout candidate removed from my troop roster in spite of Covid extension

I am the Advancement Chair for my Scout Troop. We have an Eagle Candidate who turned 18 in January but secured the Covid extension to complete his project and the required merit badges. We use TroopMaster software and have for several years because it serves our needs very well, only exporting to ScoutBook when we are holding Court of Honor. Our Eagle candidate completed his BOR tonight, and I had entered all relevant date previously. Tonight I discover that ScoutBook has automatically removed his name from our roster! Sorry, but WTH? Is this going to impact his Eagle award?

Do you have his BSA member number? Was he registered as a Unit Participant?

I would check your official roster at my.scouting.org. It’s possible that there was an error there. If you post the BSA ID (not the name) for the scout, SUAC might be able to help locate the issue,

The Scout is listed as an ASM there. My concern is that this is going to mess up his official “paperwork” as an Eagle Scout. There’s no way to apply an Eagle BOR or merit badges to an ASM.

His BSA # is 123449652.
He shows up elsewhere as an ASM (which we did not do).

Someone officially registered him as an ASM. He probably should have been registered as a Unit Participant until all requirements were completed (except for the EBOR). You will need to talk to your council.

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You should take the paperwork stating the extension to your council office and they can/should resolve the issue. With our scouts that received extensions they had to fill out an adult application and sign up as an adult participant similar to the process for venturers/sea scouts over 18 but not 21.

Yes, Unit Participant (position code UP) for troops (similar to Venturing Participant (VP) for crews / ships).

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The standard guidance for years was to never register an Eagle Scout candidate as an adult leader until his board of review was completed and Eagle credentials issued by national. The same occurs if no extension is involved as in the case where all requirements are complete and the board is held after 18th birthday. To my knowledge there is no automatic change in status during a charter year. Have the Scout take YPT and complete the Eagle process then change registration status. From what I have read in this forum the Unit Participant gambit has not worked well.

I have a Unit Participant in my troop, and everything has worked fine.

The issue is registering an 18-year-old as an Assistant Scoutmaster or Unit College Scouter Reserve too early. This will automatically convert the Scoutbook account to an adult account.

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When you wrote too early what are you trying to convey, before their 18th birthday or too soon after age 18?

@Christopher.Schuster I’m referring to registering them as an ASM or UCSR, but the unit still needs to enter things related to their advancement. So the unit might need to enter merit badges that have been completed, Scoutmaster conference, Eagle Palms, etc.

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Jennifer, That is exactly the issue! How can this be resolved?
Is it by having the Registrar of our Council designate the Scout as a Unit Participant instead of an ASM? I’ve emailed them but have heard nothing so far…

In your case, I would call your council. Your council can enter his Eagle Scout rank and Eagle Palms (if applicable) via ScoutNET.

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The Unit Participant position (UP) was created to address Scouts where an Eagle Scout rank extension has been granted (Guide to Advancement 9.0.40), and where a Request for Registration Beyond the Age of Eligibility (Guide to Advancement has been granted to a cognitively impaired Scout. Both circumstances require submittal of extensive documentation including an adult application for approval by council and/or national. The adult application (2020 Printing) anticipates input of a position code while the table describing the codes has been deleted in the current version. The youth member to unit participant transfer should only be completed by the council registrar.
Forum discussions addressing difficulties subsequent to these transfers have commonly been concluded with instructions to either contact your council registrar, or “Send an email with all details to scoutbook.support@scouting.org.”
It seems classifying an individual with the expectation of continued rank advancement as an adult has not worked well.

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Our Girl troop registered 3 youth as UP about their 18th birthday using Adult Application, YPT Certificate and the background check form, they had the special exemption due to joining in 2019. In addition our Boy troop registered 2 youth as UP about their 18th birthday using Adult Application, YPT Certificate and the background check form due to Eagle extensions for COVID. I only had minor issues in SB (just needed to change certain dates in the membership section before continuing to enter advancements). Two of the three girls completed Eagle in the 1st Eagle class of Girls, the other lost heart when a relative died. The two boys made eagle.
UP worked for our troops with very minor issues.

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