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Eagle Scout Court of Honor during COVID-19

Our Troop is looking to have an Eagle Court of Honor for a recent Eagle Scout. I’m just not sure how to do this safely during the pandemic. What has everyone else been doing?

Our last one was in a park - I imagine the one coming up will be outside of Hut


Search the web for drive-by court of honor for lots of ideas.

Our last one this summer the scout choose to have a combination quduation and eagle…the family kept the guest list down and truthfully having tables set up with his sports pitchers, school and scout was just as good as if the troop put one on. I haven’t asked our next scout yet “ he passed had his board today” on what he would like if he wishes one for the troop the only thing I will suggest is limiteing guest to mom and dad and forgoing serving any food.

Our county has fairly tight restrictions as to what can been done in-person. So far all recent Eagle Scouts have opted to wait on their CoH.

In our District, most of them have been limited outside affairs, at least through the Fall. Not sure any are happening right now.

Thinking back to my own Eagle, I finished just before my 18th birthday and had the BOR in July a few weeks after. Because I then went off to college, I didn’t have my COH until the following May. It was just easier to plan it that way. So there’s no reason you need to rush if it can wait. But then, I wasn’t in any hurry, because I was already an adult and never had the opportunity to wear the Eagle patch on my uniform anyway. Your scout may have a different opinion :wink: and I’d leave it up to them.

We just did 4 Eagle COH’s. The 4 of them wanted them combined if possible. We did them in our Church and also ran a live Zoom session. The church had their benches laid out 6 ft apart, we wore masks, and social distanced as much as possible. The church has that filter system that cleans the air. Refreshments were single wrapped cup cakes, bottled water, and coffee.

I don’t know where you live, but in our area we have identified every city, county, state and national park in our area to conduct outdoor meetings and activities since we don’t have access to our indoor location until the Covid situation improves. We are actually having a lot of fun with this format.

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While cold and snowy, I have to agree. Our last court of honor ended with hot coco and snow. It felt like we were on a campout. It too bad!

Our troop did one like we normally would (inside) but we required people to sign-up on our troop web site for 6 feet of spacing. We also wore masks when not seated 6 feet apart or eating. We followed are rules in place by our county.

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