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Eagle Scout question

I know Eagle Scout projects have to benefit a non-profit, religious organization, etc. What about a “recreation and park district?” My son is interested in approaching Lake Cuyamaca which is a recreation area operated by the Helix Water District and the Lake Cuyamaca Recreation and Park District. Would that be allowable?

I don’t know enough about Lake Cuyamaca to answer your question, but I would recommend taking a look at the Guide to Advancement section “Helpful to Any Religious Institution, Any School, or Your Community”.

If that doesn’t help, then I would recommend having your son contact your district’s Eagle advisor for more guidance.

If I were interested in doing service for a particular entity, I would definitely talk to my Eagle project counselor. The Lake Cuyamaca Foundation (http://www.lakecuyamacafoundation.org) is apparently a 501c(3), so that might satisfy the public benefit requirement. I’m personally more partial to the area around Mt. Laguna, but Cuyamaca is making a great comeback after the fires 15-ish years ago. There’s even a reforestation project out in the area:


Pretty sure Government Agencies are acceptable recipiants.
Hope his project is getting it filled back up. :wink:
I’m in OC.

Your son should have an advisor under his District Advancement Committee. I’d have son talk to them. If they can’t be found, have him get ahold of the District Chair. And they will be able to direct the question to the correct person.

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I know of several park related projects, but do check with your eagle committee or whatever.

I would approve it… but my vote doesn’t count. In the end it comes to four approvals:

  • Beneficiary
  • Scoutmaster
  • Committee Chairman
  • District/Council Advancement rep

Your SM should be able to chat with the correct person to find if they have issues with the organization. If there is a problem, the scout can make his/her case and should be heard out. The point is a service project to help others not in business.

Having said all this - since @CharleyHamilton pointed out the non-profit I would have the scout approach them with the idea first and see if they will get behind it. They should have the contacts to help get approval from the government as well.

As a note one Eagle Scout in my area did a nice sitting area in one of our city parks. He worked directly with the city.

Looking back through this and there is not a requirement that the work benefit a charity. As @JenniferOlinger pointed out it should be “Helpful to Any Religious Institution, Any School, or Your Community.” The Guide to Advancement further states that the community is as broad as a scout endeavors. I would absolutely think a scout should push back if told a park district doesn’t meet the definition of community. (Unless it is across the country from said scout or something, but even then…)

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