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Eagle Scout service hours

I have a scout working on his eagle project which is conservation oriented. I’ve heard discussion and read that some have counted planning hours for the project as service hours as well. I have two questions 1. How would/could one make this into a Hornaday awards well as an Eagle project and 2. Would it be a bad idea/bad form to count the planning hours towards the national outdoor conservation award ?

@JeremyPenner - good questions. I guess you are wondering about double dipping as an implication. I know that in my experience that scouts have not asked nor implied that this was their intention. I would recommend a re-read of the eagle project booklet just to be sure.

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I would probably reach out to a Hornaday Award counselor to get their take. The Hornaday Award is substantially rarer than Eagle, so the counselors’ perspectives may vary more.


"[O]ne Hornaday project can be your Eagle project if it also meets all of the other standards for a Hornaday project" (page 3, Hornaday Award Conservation Project Workbook).

“Include hours spent doing planning under Total Hours Worked. Be sure to include yourself, and the time spent on planning” (page 23 / Project Report Page B, Entering Service Project Data, Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook).

“Include the hours you spent planning and researching your project as well” (page 36, Hornaday Award Conservation Project Workbook).

Because both the Eagle Scout service project and the Hornaday Award projects include time spent planning the projects as “total hours worked”, then I think a good argument could be made that a Scout could also include planning time as part of the National Outdoor Badge for Conservation. It would be at the Scoutmaster’s discretion.


@JenniferOlinger and @CharleyHamilton - thank you for the input.


@Stephen_Hornak @JenniferOlinger @CharleyHamilton thank y’all for the input. I’ll pass along to the new scoutmaster. More info can help too. Happy thanksgiving !

@JeremyPenner - you are very welcome although my input was not much nor very helpful but you did receive good information from @JenniferOlinger and @CharleyHamilton. Certainly a review of projects for a further reach is never a bad thing.

Just remember that the Hornaday is very much like a conservation related Science Fair project. There needs to be prior research done, a needs assessment, then the project, and then follow up data collected. The overlap with the Eagle Project is that the project portion can be the same. But, the parts for the Hornaday that precede the project must be done in advance. If a Scout does the Eagle Project, they can’t go back and do the portions for Hornaday that need to be initially done. The two need to be sequenced correctly and intertwined. It’s great when this is done correctly.

As long as the project meets the requirements, it should count. It would be no different than earning certain merit badges which results in the World Conservation Award. When in doubt, check with the counselor.

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