Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook updates?

How do we get corrections made to the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook? The newest file says it was updated February 5, 2021 yet the update shown on the first page still says January 2021? Then there is a reference on the second page in the section “Only the Official Workbook May Be Used” that references the old document number 512-927 but that document number does not exist in the footer/header or filename of the most current document so it will confuse all those without the historical knowledge that this was what the document used to be named.

The current version accessed through the Scouts BSA web page https://www.scouting.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/EagleProjectWorkbook2021c-v2.pdf is it. The cover page at lower left corner notes the version as No. 2021c with the date January 2021f. Apparently it took three rounds of proofreading.
In a line by line comparative review it appears most of the revisions were in formatting the electronic file to a more useable format.

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And at the end of the workbook is the addenda. I see this as a non-critical issue and certainly not a scoutbook issue.

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