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Eagle Scout Signs to promote Scouting

Does anyone have a good sign that says something like “An Eagle Scout Lives Here.”
I want to give them out to new Eagle Scouts after their Board of Review, to put in their yards to help market the program. I would also ask all the older Eagles, such as myself and my son to put one in their yards also. This works for all levels of the program.
I have not seen one and I can’t believe I am the first person to think of this.

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Consider signs that say “First class scout lives here.”
You’ll cover more of the neighborhood!


I like that too, but whenever I bring up something like this, I get “we don’t have any money budgeted for this” or “it is not a priority.”

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Have you thought of doing a fund raiser? Maybe a sign company can do a freebie?

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I was told specifically by the scout executive, that I did not have the authority to solicit funds for any of the ideas I have for promoting scouting. I can’t even convince them to put magnetic signs that say" Boy Scouts of America" on the cars the DEs drive around the city daily. Around $40 or less for every pair of signs if we buy in bulk.They are afraid that I will get funds they want for the scout office. Actually although the DE keeps asking me for my donation for the year, I may just use it to print my own, but not as many as the council would need for a few years. (price drops with volume). What I really want is the council to embrace the idea and use it for all the districts, not just mine. I keep thinking of the big picture.

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It is often the case that folks adopt a winning idea when they see it working, but not before. If you’re willing to spend out of pocket on the demonstration case, that might be the only way to get the ball rolling. Even then, be prepared for it to not get picked-up by council/district. You might need to do some PR work to get it noticed, depending on how close the signs end up to the route somebody with pull at the district/council level travels regularly.

Also, if your city is anything like mine, watch out for sign ordinances or HOA rules restricting what can be posted and for how long. There’s nothing like getting the wrong kind of public attention to kill a good idea. :^)

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Thanks. I just called a sign company (he is a unit commissioner) and we are looking at possible signs and costs. And thanks for the reminder about sign ordinances. I know the ones where I actually live.


@MarkClemons, that is so unfortunate to hear and very distressing. Since we are getting such little help in promoting Scouting from the Councils and National you would think your DE would be giving you a high-5 for helping him get his numbers up.

How strong-willed is your COR? Maybe a firm behind closed doors discussion needs to occur. Maybe going over his head? Sounds like the next time FOS time wants to show you need to have a “virtual meeting”.

You have my admiration for putting so much effort into supporting your Troop.

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Oh, I am the MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN FOR THE DISTRICT. My DE works hard with me. We are doing this together. He just has to do somethings because they told him to do it and he does not have any say in anything that costs money. It is the Council Executive. Good thing I am retired. This is what I do every day. My biggest concern is that most of the units are not picking up the slack to help with recruiting for themselves. Here is what we have going on at the moment. We are going to have Virtual school nights Every Thursday in Nov. We have the ability to put out flyers at ALL the schools in one municipality at one time. This will allow the units in that municipality to also promote the school night as well. We will repeat this in every municipality or groups of school systems for the next 2 weeks. Again, we will ask the units to promote as well. Lastly. If your unit does not participate with the virtual school night, you will not get scouts.(just because you will not be there to promote yourself.) You will only be mentioned. I think I will might start a scouting marketing Facebook group to find out what are others doing?


I thought you were doing this on a unit level. Sounds like you and your DE have an unfunded mandate!

Doesn’t the BSA produce stock signs that we could use? I know there are some tailored to CO’s (e.g., a Scouting Happens Here theme).

Is a good resource also

I am a district membership chairman. We don’t have a mandate, we seem to have a great idea we are promoting. I thought of this Tuesday when I was giving out a JOIN CUB SCOUTS sign to a new Eagle Scout after his board of review. On the way home I said “this is silly. We can do MUCH BETTER” in promoting the program. So far I have not found anything from BSA. A friend found an I’m proud of my Eagle Scout sign. with an Eagle. But not from BSA. I think it was the same as the Bumper sticker the scout shop sells.

The BSA Marketing and Membership Hub is at
https://scoutingwire.org/marketing-and-membership-hub/. You need to login to access BSA trade-marked images.

I suspect non-BSA printers need to obtain prior permission to use BSA images and products, see http://licensingbsa.org/about/about-official-bsa-products/

This is a great question and idea.
I’m bombarded by anti scouting ads on various social media.

I’d like to have a sign that just says BSA lives here. Or something to that effect.
I’m going to make a mailbox crest I think.
Q: Is that acceptable? pops into my mind.
Thanks. Ken

@MarkClemons, it sounds like the best strategy is to cost things out. Then see at the next round table how many units would purchase them for their scouts. If they’re willing to give you cash up front for, say, 1000 signs all told, then you can make plans to produce and distribute by next round table. If you hear crickets, you’ll know it’s time to put those plans on ice.

This could be a fundraiser for the units if they can sell them to their alumni.

Great idea, but I brought up fundraising for another idea like this, but was forbidden to fund raise for anything outside of my unit. These kinds of things only have bang if done in large numbers. I would also need BSA permission to use any BSA.protected art or images/

You aren’t fundraising for the unit. You’re selling them at production cost. The unit can send their own fundraising application to council. But yes, BSA logos will require licensing. At the very least there will be paperwork.

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