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Eagle Scouts and Troop positions

As I’m planning the next Scouting year ahead, my Troop has the lucky situation that we will have 4 Eagle Scouts, ages 16-17, that want to continue with the Troop and not “Eagle Out”.

These 4 Scouts held the leadership roles of JASM, SPL, Instructor and 1st PL last year and want to continue holding these roles next year.

My concern is that we have a few Life and Star Scouts that are ready to take on these positions from PL/Quartermaster and become senior leaders of the Troop. We also have several 2nd and 1st Class Scouts that want leadership positions.

As I respect the experience of the 4 Eagles and they have done an amazing job running their Troop; I see the the other Scouts need to be challenged as the next Troop Leaders.

What are your thoughts?

In this capacity, junior assistant Scoutmasters (a troop may have more than one) follow the guidance of the Scoutmaster

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Might we also suggest that these youth are excellent candidates for the Instructor and Troop Guide positions within the unit to help guide and teach the younger Scouts.


As @Christopher.Schuster pointed out, the Scoutmaster has the option to appoint more than one JASM.

Instructor is another position where a troop can have more than one Scout hold the position. Instructors can even specialize in a particular area, so you might have one or more Instructors for first aid, camping, backpacking, etc.

If you have a large troop, it might make sense to have more than one ASPL.

It might also make sense to have more than one Troop Guide.

Outside of that, I would recommend talking to the SPL and coaching / mentoring the SPL that these other Scouts need positions of responsibility, too.


It’s named discussions.scouting.org for a reason - discussions. Knowing that other positions can be filled by more than one Scout, I kept those off my comment to allow others (such as yourself) to contribute, to…discuss.

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talk to your SPL, and bring your concerns to the PLC. shouldn’t the Scouts elect their leadership?


PL is not your call. The patrol elects their leader. If that’s not the case, I suggest you start using the patrol method starting today.
SPL is not your call. The troop elects him/her.
Instructor only partially your call. The SPL appoints that position with some guidance from you.
JASM is the only position of responsibility that you directly control, and if the scout has been doing a good job at it, why change?

Obviously this cuts both ways. It’s not up to the scouts either. They must maintain the respect of their peers, and if someone else and a majority of the patrol/troop is convinced that they could do a better job, the challengers will win that election.

Sorry for the typos. I think I fixed them.


You could also put these 4 Scouts in their own patrol then one can serve as their Patrol Leader.

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