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Eagle Scouts - Court of Honor

I am advancement chair and we are having a court of honor. There are 6 eagle scouts that need to be awarded their palms, however they have aged out of scouting. They no longer appear on our roster.
Because of the pandemic, they weren’t awarded last year. How do I find them and add them to our roster so that I may purchase their palms? Can I make them active for purchasing purposes? What is BSA doing about these type of situations?

Thank you in advance.

Why cant you just print off a blank advancement report and fill it in by hand to purchase the palms. My pack doesn’t use scout book and that how I’ve always gotten our ranks.

When you say that they aged out, did they not recharter with your troop?

A Troop Admin should be able to access their reports by going to:

My Dashboard → Reports Menu → Individual Record or Scouts BSA History Report

You would need their name and BSA member number.

A Troop Admin might also be able to go through

My Dashboard → Administration → My Account → My Connections

Click on their name and add a temporary membership with the troop long enough to get the information that you need. I don’t know if this will work or not if they are no longer on the troop’s charter.

The boys are now 18 and we would like to give them their palms. I went to BSA history reports entered an id. and last name and nothing came up.

Thanks for your help!

I am not aware that you can add palms. To my knowledge they are added by National or your Council Registrar.

@DanielleDeGrood - there is this

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Thanks for the info. I have been the Advancement Chair for our Troop since November 2014. I remember when the Bryan on Scouting article came out.

My reference is not about an Eagle Scout who earned Eagle at 16 and stayed active with the Troop and earned Palms the “old fashioned” way. My reference is the scouts who earn eagle and palms on the day of their Eagle BoR. Just like I am not able to enter in Eagle on the Advancment Report (this is done by National), I am not able to enter any Palms earned, especially when a scout turns 18 around the time their Eagle Rank is posted. We had one scout who earned 70 MB’s and another who earned 99 when they had their Eagle BoR. The system would not allow me to enter their many palms. I had to ask the Council Registrar for help to have their Palms posted.

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