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Eagle Service Project - PDF Adobe

My scout is preparing his Eagle Service Project workbook and would like to know if there is any way to edit it on an iPad or similar tablet. He tried to open it with Adobe for iPad, and gets a message that it cannot be edited. He has limited access to a desktop or laptop. It would be nice to have a way to work on his workbook from a tablet.

This is a Fillable PDF - if you have the TRUE adobe for your mobile device you can type into this

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We have the true Adobe Reader software installed on a tablet but still get a message that it has to be opened with Mac OS. We have no trouble opening it on my Mac laptop.

OK - you’re right it used to Work - I think I have a contact to report this too. Let me see what I can find out.

They use LiveCycle to create this and I bet there is just a slight change - as the Eagle Application still works on iOS

Can he get to a public library that has adobe? If so he can use a jump drive to save his work.

There was a change to the file format and it now provides more services such as totaling the numbers.

I would note first, that I helped a scout who had simply used a printed copy of the unfilled workbook and filled in the blanks and added sheets as needed. This isn’t something to be graded.

If it were in my troop, I would either have the scout work with someone to get the form filled, or let the scout spend some time at my own laptop to fill it in. (Well since our troop has two laptops handed down, they might also use one of those.)

Nothing is ever intended to be a road block. And if a scout doesn’t have access, then another way needs to be worked.