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Eagles Call Magazine

I haven’t seen the Eagles Call Magazine in a while and tried to search for some info online and cant seem to find anything about it over the past year or so. Did they stop publishing this magazine?

The summer 2017 issue is the last I can find reference to. Every link at scouting.org regarding it either redirects to nonsense or is 404 not found.

Interesting observation.

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Yea it has been a while since ive seen one and I was going to start looking for a photo for the “family of Eagles” page and went to go look for the info on it and it seemed everything was scrubbed

Yet the current Eagle Scout Rank Application (Jan 2020) lists NESA membership and the magazine as a benefit.

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Unless they nixed the magazine because of COVID I would think they would have it somewhere on their site. even so I would think they would have something saying it was no longer being published.’

I am a lifetime member, but don’t recall getting it in 2020. A friend snapped a picture of the page from the Summer 2020 issue. In the second column it says “this will be the last printed issue of Eagles’ Call magazine. We will be providing more digital channels in a effort to provide you with the same great content and BSA news…”

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You find it you’re a better searcher than I am.

I found archives: For Eagle Scouts - The National Eagle Scout Association

That’s where I found the 2017 issue.

Off the main NESA page: Home - The National Eagle Scout Association I could not find any more information about the magazine.

There you go.

Except, they never provided “more digital channels.”

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Typical BSA for ya! but ill give them some slack since the whole covid thing threw everyone through a loop haha :slight_smile:

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