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Earliest Board of Review Dates for Start, Life Eagle

I have 3 Scouts who had their First Class Scout BoR on 4/28/19. I need to ask the committee to schedule a Star Rank Board of Review for them. Will the rank be available on 8/28/19 or 8/29/19? They have done everything else except for the four month time commitment and I want to schedule their BoR appropriately. Does Scoutbook make the rank available 4 months later, or 4 months plus one day later? Currently, the time commitment rank advancements are greyed out and unavailable. I don’t want to schedule them for the 28th only to find out that morning that we should have waited one more day.

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it looks like same day - 28/28 - I doubt it is doing a day count as any 4 month period could vary by 4 or more days


Contact your council advancement chair for guidance, but if you want to be on the safe side, I would schedule the boards of review for 8/29. This would ensure that the boards of review are held after all of the requirements for rank are completed.


I am a District Advancement Chair, and as such, I go by the specific words in the requirement; to wit, “Be active in your troop for 4(6) months …”, and “… serve actively for 4(6) months in your troop …”. This means months, not a certain number of days. Therefore, Feb. 1 to June 1, counts the same as March 1 to July 1, for 4 months, even though they are different number of days. Because I am not a member of a specific unit, I do not have access to a specific units Scoutbook, so I cannot speak to that, but it should accept either of the above examples. If it does not, then it needs to be fixed so that it does.


I don’t understand why Board of Review’s (BoR) are being scheduled for those scouts at exactly the minimum time in rank since their last BoR.
The Scouts, themselves, are responsible for completing all the requirements of their rank at whatever pace they choose. They, themselves, should then contact their Scoutmaster for a Scoutmaster conference. Once that’s done a BoR should be scheduled.

Their path to rank advancement is entirely THEIR journey, and it is up to them to complete rank requirements at whatever pace they can and/or are comfortable with.

Unless, because of their current age, you have these boys on a programmed track of rank advancement to see they have the opportunity to advance to the rank of Eagle Scout before they “age out” at 18, I see no reason for BoR’s to be scheduled at the exact minimum required time in rank.



I absolutely agree. This is a very specific situation of 14-16 year old girls who are trying to be in the first class of girl Eagle Scouts. Ordinarily, I would not even ask the question. However, these very motivated girls have busted their butts since they have been allowed in the program, and I don’t want us adults to get in the way by not understanding the requirements completely or by putting a stumbling block in their way. I want to give them every day possible as a Life Scout to complete the rigorous Eagle requirements in time.

In any other situation, a day or two really doesn’t matter, and I agree, the Scout should finish the requirements and then request the BoR. However, in essence, these girls have already asked, and because they have already finished all the requirements except the time related ones, I don’t feel I should delay them.



@AngelaKoch, sounds like you have some real go getters. They will complete their remaining 2 requirements, active participation and position of responsibility, on August 28th, and can have their Board of Review on that night, or any date afterwards that it can be arranged.

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