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Earning Rank

This was my son’s first year as a scout and we started a bit late having missed the first couple of meetings. I thought we had attended enough and did enough of the requirements for him to earn his rank but he didn’t. He also didn’t seem to get credit for all the things he did do. Maybe it’s my fault for not letting the den leader know we did everything, though I did show him the book and told him we completed all but one thing that we couldn’t because the den didn’t meet in such a way that we could have done it. My son wanted to know why he didn’t earn rank when we worked so hard to do everything and sadly I didn’t have an answer except to blame myself for not being more forceful on having completed requirements. I don’t want this to happen next year. Does anyone have any advice? Can we work on electives over the summer toward his next rank?

Pack Committees can grant extended time to finish ranks - I would talk to Den Leader and Cub Master.


If he completed the work, he can still be awarded for work done this year.

If your pack used Scoutbook, the best way to let the den leader know is to mark it complete yourself. The den leader will the. Approve it.

Specifically, which requirement(s) has your son not completed?

We didn’t do the den skits since we missed the camping events and we didn’t do anything at den meetings that would satisfy those steps of the requirements. We’re having the final meeting this weekend and I can talk to the den leader about all the things we did (though I did show him the book already with everything checked off at a meeting a month ago) and ask if there is anyway to complete the rank.

Which rank is this?

Cub Scouts is supposed to be “do your best”. To me that doesn’t mean that you waive requirements completely, but it does mean you give it an honest effort. So, as a den leader, I’d offer a chance for a scout to perform a skit at a den meeting. Or I’d accept a skit done at a family campfire in place of it. Talk to the den leader about this. Don’t wait until the last meeting. Call them today.


Wolf. Thanks so much for your advice.

if it was Howling at the Moon
2. Work with your den or family to create an original skit.
3. Work together with your den or family to plan, prepare, and rehearse a campfire program to present at a den meeting or pack program.

It clearly says with your family - get a skit ready for the last meeting as a family


As @DonovanMcNeil said. My do your best comments don’t even need to apply. Most den leaders should want all of their scouts to earn rank. Talk to them regularly.

Keep in mind that it’s the end of the year, and they may be overwhelmed with stuff related to that. They’d much prefer you not wait until the last minute and throw a bunch of stuff at them.

Sounds like an opportunity for more communication between the Den Leader and the parents. Periodic updates would prevent surprises at year end.

Yep, as a Den Leader if a scout misses a den meeting I’ll let the parents know which requirements we completed that night so they can do them at home. I also send an email about a month out from the end of the school year letting each parent know if there’s anything their scout is missing.

Our pack doesn’t use Scoutbook yet, so this has required me to do a lot of manual bookkeeping, but I’ll be taking over as Cubmaster this month and using Scoutbook is on my “to do” list for June, among many other things! :smile:

Scoutbook is pretty easy to use. I am by no means super tech-savvy. It has a messaging function built in so you can click on individual, groups, or all pack personnel to send emails.

Yea, we had some Scoutbook training at Round table, and I am a fairly tech-savvy person, but our pack just isn’t using it… yet! I’m really looking forward to letting parents enter stuff from the app and I’m hoping other den leaders in the pack will want to use too.

The scoutbook sounds great.

Thank you all for the support and feedback.

I spoke to our den leader and we’re now on the same page. We went over everything and he realized that he missed somethings at his end that we in fact completed. We do have a couple of things to tick off the list but were moving forward and have the ok to finish them this summer.