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EBoR how long

So…just as a point of order. How long should an EBoR last ?

How long has it been lasting?

Hi, Stephen,

I’ve seen boards that lasted anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any specific guidance on duration other than “Don’t make it long just for the sake of making it long”.

I don’t recall how long mine lasted when I was a scout, but I know that it felt like it lasted a week! :wink:


Eagle Board of Review


Well in Washington Crossing Council, Mercer area district it may be better served as a a week long adventure. But seriously 4 hours is the average.

Hey now…He used four letters… :wink:

Charlie- David did indeed… He wins

I actually meant you, Stephen. EBoR.

I’ve been living in BSA TLA land for so long, I no longer notice them. It wasn’t until David posted that I realized your had “acronymed” it.

Oh snap…totally missed that my friend…now how do I get K9 and Tom Baker on here. But honestly how does a 2+ hour EBoR serve the scout and the adults who are a part of the circus.

Does the scout bring lunch with them?


In most cases this is an evening event so best advice is dinner and breakfast. I can truly say that after three years of this I never ever want to sit on an EBoR again.

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What are they doing that it takes hours? The EBoR is supposed to be a celebration of what the Scout did, not a job interview. There should not be any testing of the Scout’s knowledge, the same as any other BoR. Once the Scout has has a requirement signed off, it is done.

My district often does 12 EBoRs in 2 hours at a Roundtable. There is no way they could handle that many if they took 4 hours. They would not even get enough board members for 1.

I suggest someone review the Bryan on Scouting article No, an Eagle Scout board of review is not a job interview


GTA #9 - Eagle boards generally last 30 minutes or somewhat longer. This is the highest rank a Scout may achieve; there should be a discussion of his successes, experiences, and future plans, but rarely should one last longer than 45 minutes.

@Stephen_Hornak - This is what you are looking for Stephen


Donovan - yes indeed and I well knew that and when I posted that to our District folks here is what I got back:

  1. The only reason it should last longer than 45 minutes is if there is a question as to whether the scut has earned the rank. I have been on a few of those boards, and we need as much information as we can get to make the decision.

That said, the advancement committee is always looking for adults willing to be advisors to scouts in the district. If you want a change to take place, come join us.

  1. I appreciate the concern about the amount of time required for an EBOR. One needs to keep in mind that while the interview with the Eagle Candidate should normally not exceed 45 minutes, there are other components of the EBOR that require additional time: Up to 6 reference letters, the Candidate’s Ambition and Life Purpose Letter, the Eagle Application, the Handbook, and other documents need to be reviewed by the Board. The GTA states that this review should take at least 30 minutes (#8, section The Scoutmaster and the Candidate’s parents are also allowed to speak on his/her behalf. This can add another 30 minutes or minutes to the process. Finally, after the Candidate is interviewed the Board needs about 15 minutes to deliberate on whether the Eagle requirements have been met. When the time required for all this components is added up, one can see that the entire process takes about 2 hours.

Well I think your DE needs to get involved here cause this volunteer is pretty wrong.

  1. GTA states that the board should be given access to review the documents BEFORE the EBOR.
  2. GTA VERY CLEARLY states that parents are not to be present - if they insist to be present they are to remain silent.
  3. As a Scoutmaster who has attended many EBORs - I might have said one sentence total. It is the Scout’s EBOR.
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Agreed. I’ve sat on 3 or 4 in the last year. An hour MAX, including time to read the Ambition/Life Purpose Letter and the letters of recommendation and review the project workbook, and time to discuss the Scout’s responses to the board.

We normally take 20-25 minutes to review the documentation and discuss it, then another 20 minutes to talk with the Candidate. After that, we kick him out to “deliberate”…

And, unless there’s a GLARING issue with the Scout or what he’s presented (and I mean something unheard of, like a letter of reference saying “DO NOT AWARD THIS TWERP HIS EAGLE RANK!”), the deliberation is perfunctory; he’s done the work to earn the rank, it’s time to recognize his hard work and his success.

Wow, 4 hours. I’m with Donovan. In 25 years, I’ve never seen a parent allowed to speak on behalf of their Scout and as the Scoutmaster of that Scout I’ve said about as much as he has…

Unless there are some obvious objection the I can’t see how the review of the documents is going to take more that 15 minutes. Unless there is a reference letter that is opposed to the Scout getting the rank, this normally takes about 10 minutes.

Not sure about reviewing the application and book because the advancement has to be verified by your council before you can even conduct the EBOR. Any problems there should have been dealt with before you even conduct the BOR.

Just seems to take the review to an extreme level.

Scott Sonntag

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No kidding. I don’t think I’ve ever even had a job interview that lasted 4 hours!

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In the EBoRs I have sat on, each member gets the application packet a week or so before hand to read. We spend five or ten minutes with the Parents, five or ten minutes with the Scoutmaster or other Leader from the Unit, and then twenty or thirty minutes with the Scout. We allow the Scoutmaster to sit in silently if the Scout wants it (In fact the SM chair is positioned behind the Scout so they have no eye contact.) We schedule an hour total for each EBoR which includes informing of decision, congrats, and pictures.

I have seen some last from about an hour and a half to about 2.5 hours on the long end. Ive also seen some that take less than 45 minutes. I think it all depends on the scout. Ive seen some long winded people talking during a BOR scouts included.