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Editing a Scout's date of birth

I just noticed that the date of birth for one of our Cub Scouts is incorrect in Scoutbook. When I tried to fix it in the edit profile component, I was unable to do so. I am primary administrator.

Hi, @ElaineGiacomo,

Does the date in Scoutbook match what’s on the official roster at my.scouting Member Manager? If so, I believe you need to have either your registrar or BSA Member Care correct the official roster first. Then, send an email to to correct the date in Scoutbook. I believe these are the steps we followed for a similar case.

If it’s just wrong in Scoutbook (i.e. is correct at my.scouting Member Manager), then you can just email with the scout’s name, BSA ID, your unit number and council, and the correct birthdate. Make sure you let them know it’s correct on the Member Manager listing. I know that’s what I did for two of our scouts who ended up wrong somehow.

@CharleyHamilton is right - that is an email to - and have them also Check the data in AKELA to see if it is wrong there - which I would suspect

Thanks, Charley! I think the problem goes back to the official roster, so I will contact our registrar. I really appreciate your prompt response. Yours in Scouting. Elaine Giacomo

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