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Editing Cub Scout Awards for Troop Member

My son crossed over to Scouts BSA earlier this year. Our Pack was just starting to use Scoutbook. Looking at his profile, his summertime awards are not accounted for. If I end his Troop membership and delete the end date for Cub Scouts in order to enter the awards, will that mess up the merit badges and activities he has completed in the Troop once I put the dates back as they were? I’d just like for his history report to be complete.

@TonyaR - I gather you are looking at the cub scout history report ? What exactly is missing? I however would caution against what you want to do. Even if you enter what you stare is missing, it would need to be approved and either purchased or marked awarded none of which you or the troop can do.
I suspect you are talking about the summertime pack award. If your son earned one in the first Webelos year it was entered and the second was just purchased. That can only be entered in the system once per rank.

Actually I can approve such awards, as I am a pack leader. I know when and how they are awarded. He physically has the awards, but they are not on his record as our Scout Shop does not require documentation for purchasing them. I would like them to be on his history report. I will speak with someone at our Council when I go to the offices tomorrow.


You can do what you propose but you need to work with the troop admins to do so as they will need to reapprove his membership in the Troop.

Go to his membership page, and enter an end date in his Troop membership then delete the end date in his pack membership. Enter his awards, make sure you check approved and awarded. When you are finished, restore the end date to his pack membership and delete the end date from his troop membership. Let the Troop admin know you are finished so his membership can be approved in the Troop again.

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