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Einstein Supernova

All, the Einstein Supernova has the following requirement (note the part in bold):

With guidance from your mentor, select an area of current STEM-related concern and develop a research project or experiment related to that area. Prepare a one-page written proposal detailing your scientific hypothesis or engineering objective and your proposed experimental methods, which must be approved by the National STEM in Scouting Committee before you begin work. This research project or experiment should be challenging and should require a significant investment of time and effort on your part. (A guideline would be approximately 100 hours.) If your mentor is not a specialist in the area of your project or experiment, he or she will solicit assistance from a specialist who to serve as a STEM consultant. Execute the project or experiment. Prepare a complete and well-documented written report AND an oral presentation. Present both to your mentor and your local council STEM in Scouting committee.

Based on recent changes, our contacts to national are returned with a message of “ask your local council” – how can we see to it that this requirement is met when we can no longer contact the National STEM in Scouting Committee?

I would reach out to council’s STEM committee and let them chase it

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There’s also a FB page that the STEM manages.

So far no response from either… any additional suggestions?

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I am wondering if anyone received any guidance on this? (The previous iteration of this topic is closed to new comments.) I know of two scouts working on this award that got stopped by National because they had questions on the project. Now I don’t know where they should send their improved writeups? Who will approve the completed awards now? If I could give the scouts a POC, we would be grateful.

Is the e-mail address:


not working?

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Another source just gave me the einstein@scouting.org email. Thank you, that’s it!

I found it in the

Guide to earning and mentoring the Dr Albert Einstein Supernova Award is available (updated 2020 February 05)

On the Supernova Awards for Venturers and Sea Scouts page

Paul, did anyone respond?

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