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Election Day / Early Voting

What is the policy on scouts setting up a table and selling at the polls? I have tried looking for information but I can’t seem to find anything.

Not a good idea. Usually the scouts are only allowed at “political functions” to do a flag ceremony then they must leave. Also there might be a rule from the polls about certain things being done within that 100 feet of the polls.


I would recommend that you ask your local council.

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Jeremy, I believe the restriction on “political functions” is for a political party or political issue. BSA does not want to take sides. However, encouraging the voting process is not taking sides.

The 100 foot limit typically refers to political promotion of an issue or candidate that is being voted on.

The advice to check with your council is correct. They might have an opinion.

The county officials in charge of the election may also have an opinion. Scouts selling something as a fundraiser outside the 100 foot limit should be okay, but within 100 feet could be construed to be impeding voting. Maybe not selling to the line of folks waiting to vote, but only to those who have finished voting would be okay.

And when selling caramel corn, voters having sticky fingers as they use a voting machine may not be the best idea.

And, like always, scouts would need the property owner’s permission.

Just my 2 cents.

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