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Electives have been put in the wrong category in scout book

The level one electives that are needed to complete the ordinary rank have been replaced by level two electives, which are needed for Able, not ordinary. The quartermaster rank is level three for electives. Can someone please fix the elective rank system or offer a way to correct this mistake in the scout book requirements?

give specific examples and we can investigate - a decent number of the electives changed last year

Thank you Mr. McNeil,

I’ve completed four level ones:

  1. Attend NYLT;
  2. Sailing Level one;
  3. Yacht Race level one;
  4. USCG AUX Boating Skills.

I’ve also completed four level Two electives:

  1. Sailing Level two;
  2. Sail Yacht Race Level two;
  3. USCG Aux Weekend Navigator;
  4. Mile Swim

This is my first time working with scoutbook.
I just passed my board of review for Able Bodied Rank on Sunday (2/07/21). Now my leader has asked me to correlate our paper records with Scoutbook, and I am trying to input the Level 2 electives to Scoutbook for AB rank.

However, I’ve discovered that someone previously has incorrectly applied my Level 2 electives to my Ordinary Rank, which requires Level 1 electives.

Instead, the Level 1 electives that I’ve completed should have been listed for the Ordinary rank; then, I’d be able to enter the Level 2 electives for the Able Bodied rank.

Please show me how I can move the Level 2 electives from the Ordinary Rank, and apply them to the AB rank, and to apply my Level 1 electives to the Ordinary rank.

Thank you,

Well Ordinary does NOT Require Level 1 - any level can be used (look at manual pg 58.). The electives (as I recall) are applied in Chronological order, So I would suggest changing dates with adding notes as needed to get them where you need. I have asked the Skipper in SUAC a question on it as well. But this is working as designed and in accordance with the SS Manual.

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