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Email address update when multiple SB account

What will the support team do if all the multiple account problems are fixed?

Anyway, we moved and my husband has 2 accounts in Scoutbook. Everything is merged over on the my.scouting.org side (has been for a month now). The SB account for the old council has a hazard mark next to is, which I assume means it’s set to be removed, which is fine. However, how does he update the email on the “new” account for the current council? It won’t let him because it says the email is already in use. He can’t access the old council SB account any longer to change it to a fake one.

Would it just be easiest to wait for the “old” SB account to go away before he attempts to update it? The only down side to that is maybe missing out on some emails for a little while. (I already connected the “new” account to the kids).

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if you provide the BSA# or the UserID for each account (both found on Edit Profile) - we can take a look

Thank you so much!
OLD Council ID: 130520434
NEW Council ID: 137236200
Email is correct in the old ID number, no email listed for the new ID. Also, his positions in the new pack are correct on the old ID (Cubmaster can fix that pretty easily if need be).

@StaceyWilson2 this is fixed

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!

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