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Email address

Why does a parent email show as, changemyemail@scoutbook.com. How do we change it?

I’ve most commonly seen this where someone either:

  1. didn’t provide an email address when they registered (either in the youth application for someone who’s just a parent or on the adult application for a leader), or
  2. where they used a shared email address which was already in the BSA database for someone else (e.g. shared “family” email used by another parent)

Historically, the answer to how to fix it was to email scoutbook.support@scouting.org. I suspect this now needs to be corrected by contacting your council registrar to have it updated in the person database.

This means there are 2 records in ScoutNET with the same e-mail address. This often happnes when spouses share an e-mail address. Scoutbook requires unique e-mail addresses for every indivdiual.

The individual needs to log in to Scoutbook using their my.scouting.org ID then go to My Account -> Administration -> e-mail to change it.

Are parents now assigned a BSA ID? I see how this would work for a leader who has a BSA ID to match up at my.scouting, but how would a non-leader parent connect to the “correct” account to fix the email address?

If someone cannot get logged in to Scoutbook and forgot password or forgot login ID fail, they need to contact their council Scoutbook support person.

If a parents name is on a youth application they do get a BSA #

Good to know. I hadn’t noticed parents’ BSA IDs auto-populating in their profiles before. I see that it’s there under the “gray shield”, so it’s definitely auto-populating now.

good and bad @CharleyHamilton - it is the major causes of double BSA #s

Fair point. At least I know it’s visible in Scoutbook now. Somehow, I had either not seen it or forgotten.

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