Email being used for 2 accounts

Every time I try accessing a report, I get a message saying that my email is being used by another accounts. I not able to get into my report.


This is fixed. Your e-mail address was on your Children’s Scoutbook accounts.

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@AmberMcCord I am not sure which report you are trying to access, but your issue is likely that you do not have the permissions or connections that you need.

@AmberMcCord Which report are you trying to access?

Needs to be purchased report. I recently became advancement chair.

@AmberMcCord Your pack leaders need to add you as Advancement Chair.

I would recommend that they use the Position Manager at my.scouting (Roster → Position Manager) to add the functional role of Unit Advancement Chair. After an overnight automated process runs, you will be a Pack Admin in Scoutbook and automatically connected to all Scouts in the pack.

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I will get with them. Thank you for the help.

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I have a notice that my email is being used for 2 accounts. Can you please merge or correct this? Mike Belzile

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