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Email report list

Good evening,
I hope everyone is doing well.
One of my committee members was kind enough to set up ZOOM for our weekly scout meetings (and hopefully our committee meetings and Boards of Reviews). Since he needs the email addresses of our troop members is there a report in Scoutbook that I can give to him (I am trying not to reinvent the wheel if I do not have to). Thank you all in advance and stay safe.

There is no way to export a list of scout emails from Scoutbook. I believe that you can get all adult emails from the Roster Builder interface (not to be confused with Report Builder). Roster Builder is available at My Dashboard -> My Units -> Unit Reports

@JohnBurnham Scoutbook will not provide anyone with a youth’s email address. He doesn’t need to add the addresses of all the troop members to set up a zoom meeting space; he can create the event, then use the Scoutbook messaging tool to send the invites to the Troop members. We did that for our zoom troop meeting last week and it worked perfectly well.

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