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Emergency Prep Award

Do the Cub Scouts need to earn this award every year? For instance, if a scout earned it in his Tiger year, does he need to do the Wolf requirements to continue to wear the pin on his uniform?

No. Also, the award is going away when you can’t buy the pins. The official answer is that the content was merged into other activities but this wasn’t strictly true.

Kevin, why did you say the Emergency Preparedness Award is going away?

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Emergency Preparedness Award


This award has encouraged youth to be prepared, productive, self-reliant adults active in their communities. As of February 2019, elements of the award have been incorporated into other program materials and we will sunset the award. Your can continue to earn the award, but the requirements will not be updated. Please check with your Scout Shop or ScoutShop.org html icon for pin and pamphlet availability.

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