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Emergency Prepardness Pin for Tigers

I am looking at doing the Emergency Preparedness Pin for my Tigers.

One of the requirements is to take a national first aid course like the Red Cross. First Aid For Children Today. I checkrd the redcross website and found nothing. They are not offering trainings in our area. I can even find what is taught in this course.

Any siggestions or resources would be appreciated.

I have a friend who was a combat medic and spent 22 years as an er nurse and i s American Heart Association certified instructor who can teach the kids but we have no idea what they need to know to satisfy this requirement.

The Emergency Preparedness awards were retired on December 31, 2020. If you are able to complete the requirements, you my not be able to find the pins.

Good to know. Is there a place where we can find out everything that was discontinued. As well as what might be new?

Generally, I would expect changes to be posted under the Program Updates page here:

but it is not necessarily up-to-date with all of the changes to retired awards. I’m not sure if that’s by design, or due to reductions in staffing. That seems like a good place for BSA to share that sort of information with units.


I don’t know of a single place you can go, but if you go into a Scout’s awards page and select an award, it will indicate at the top if it is retired. Retired awards can be earned up to 1 year after they are retired, however, the award may no longer be available for purchase. Scoutbook will not allow a completion date past the one year deadline.

This is what you see if you click on Emergency Preparedness BSA Award Tiger (v2014)

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Retired doesn’t mean retired? The term isn’t even mentioned in the guide to advancement

Wouldn’t it be better to put “Must earn by Dec 31, 2021” instead? and replace it with past tense after that date?

I thought retired was the earn by date since in every other context when you retire something you’re done. You don’t retire from work and keep going for a year.

In this context, you are taking a risk that you may not be able to find the awards if they are earned after the retired date.

You could still earn it, but badges are “while supplies last”.

There is usually some kind of “grace period” where Scouts can still work on an award to give them time to finish it up. For these particular awards, the BSA decided that the grace period would be 1 year.

But as Matt said, patches / pins are while supplies last.


Accrding to the announcement posted in this forum for the awards retired as of December 31, 2020, Scouts who had started working on the award before 2021, have until December 31, 2021, to complete it. So, even if the pin is still available, a Scout who did not begin work on an Emergency Preparedness BSA award before 2020 ended will not actually be officially “earning” the award, if s/he starts and competes it in 2021.

I hope no one reads this and thinks I’m some sort of lunatic that would deny a Scout an award based on an obscure technicality. If the pin is available, do whatever you think is the best outcome for the Scout. I’m only relaying what I understand the BSA announcement to mean.

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:frowning_face: :frowning:

Slightly related question. 2years ago I bought 30 odd EP pins for cub scouts to cover a few years. I’m guessing they still have some.

What is the best means for packs an troops to return unused or excess awards?
Scout shops? Scout related aftermarket shops?

Or perhaps a new discussion forum for units to ask abroad for spares? A scout shop swap?

When I was advancement chair for the pack, I returned all awards I had in stock to my Scout shop. I did not want to be dealing with an inventory. I would start with them first. The worst they can say is that they can’t take them back.

I have a similar situation. Our pack ended up with a surplus of old Webelos Activity Pins (from the pre 2015 program) and Academic/Sports belt loops. Scout shop doesn’t want them. I’d like to find a good home for them & maybe recoup some of the loss for the Pack. Suggestions are welcomed.

@BrendonHoch - try the Cub Scout Volnteers group on Facebook, There are frequently folks on there looking for old awards for a variety of reasons.

I’ll try. I had posted the Webelos pins on the Facebook Scout Patch Collectors page, but received no response.

The belt loops may have a better chance with the Cub Scout Volunteers group, since Scoutbook still has the ability to mark these off and allow scouts to earn them. I’ve encouraged our Pack to earn what’s left (billing it as Bonus Belt Loops), and managed to have a few scouts earn some, but there are loops I have that are either not of interest (we have a lot of Tennis & Volleyball) or are only eligible to be earned at a BSA camp (Archery/BBshooting)

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