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Emergency Preparedness Award - McGruff Available?

Has anyone had any recent success purchasing McGruff Child ID kits lately? When I get to the site, I get a 404 notice when I click “shop now” on their bulk ordering page. The “order free kits” page is a solicitation for insurance.

If you’ve ordered recently, please comment and tell me what worked! Thanks!

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@JessicaSavage_Cronin - I get the same result. As this is not a BSA site, the best bet would be to make use of the contact us at the bottom of the site.

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Yes, I did that, too. I’ll keep you posted!

I was able to order kits for my Den two years ago on the www.mcgruff-safe-kids.com website. The total for 8 kits plus shipping was about $20.

There was a delay in getting the kits to me, but when I emailed the address on my order confirmation, I heard back from the owner of the company, Kurt Boerner, with an apology, and he got them right out to me.

His email address is kurt@mcgruff-safe-kids.com; you may want to try emailing him directly to inquire about placing an order.


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