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Ending Merit Badge Counselor connection

We are a new Troop and have been using Scoutbook since mid-February.

We have only a handful of Merit Badge Counselors who are using Scoutbook, and most of those are for required badges that take longer and that no one has finished yet.

However, I have one Scout who has actually finished a Merit Badge (Basketry) for which I connected her through Scoutbook. She has finished the Badge and brought me the blue card (the counselor didn’t end up using Scoutbook) and I have approved it, but the connection with the MBC is still there.

Do I have to manually sever connections to Merit Badge Counselors each time a Scout finishes a badge?

Is it waiting for the badge to be awarded and then the connection will be severed?

I know how to sever the connection, I am just curious about how Scoutbook handles this. I had assumed that once a Scout and Counselor do not have any further need to connect over a badge, the connection would automatically be severed.

Thanks for any insight!


@AngelaKoch - that connection is manual on both ends. If the badge is completed then disconnect them.

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Good to know! Thanks!

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