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Entering attendance/requirements on phone

I have the apps and was trying to enter attendance and what was completed at the pack activity over the weekend on my phone. Isn’t this supposed to be one of the features? Is there a tutorial that could help with this?
Some of the Tigers are still listed as Lions even though they are in the Tiger Den on the roster.

Are we supposed to enter things after all the requirements are complete? It would be really much easier to do it at the meeting while they have a snack or are picking up from the activity, then once I get home and work on family life stuff (and possibly forget)

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AFAIK, adults can only enter attendance via the web interface (, not the Scouting app.

Youth in a troop assigned the Scribe position of responsibility (and maybe a few others?) can use the app (but not, I believe, the web interface).


There are different apps:

  • web app - for leaders, Scouts, and parents
  • Scouting mobile app - for Scouts and parents (but no leader tools)
  • Den Leader Experience - in Beta testing now (Login as Den Leader (Beta))

I would recommend that you use using your phone’s web browser.

Are you a Den Leader / Den Admin? Depending on your position / role with the pack, then you might be able to use Quick Entry for rank, adventure, or award requirements completed at meetings. (Quick Entry usually works best when accessed from individual den pages - not from the main pack page).

“Current rank” in Scoutbook refers to the highest rank that an individual Cub Scout has earned - not a Cub Scout’s den level. At this point in the school year, most Cub Scouts in a Tiger Den will have as their current rank (highest rank earned):

  • no rank
  • Lion rank or
  • Bobcat rank

While they are in a Tiger den, they work on Bobcat rank, Tiger rank, Tiger-level adventures, and Tiger-level awards.


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