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Entering Partials using the Quick Entry Tool

I am entering partials from camps for our troop and I have the following question. In a nutshell here it is: if I enter a partial for a scout that already has completed the MB, will the system erase the “completed” mark? I have lots of scouts to enter and want to avoid having to check each scout. Rather, I want to just use Quick Entry and know that the system is intelligent enough not to “uncomplete” a scout MB.

More precisely:

Let say Scout “A” did 9 out of 11 requirements of MB “B”, in December 2019 at camp.

In January, he finishes MB “B” with a counsellor after returning from camp. It is written as completed.

In November 2020, I go and enter requirements 1 to 9 because that’s what I see in the report. Will I replace in effect his completed MB by a partial or will the system keep it as completed?

In other words, do I need to check for each scout if the MB was completed since the camp before entering the partials? I would like to avoid the “checking” part.

if the req already has a date nothing will change (unless you mark approve too and it is not approved ) if the MB is already marked complete nothing will change

Hi Donovan. Thank you for such a quick response!

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