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Entering service hours help needed

Where/how do you enter the number of service hours completed in the activities log for service hours? I have the event entered but I can not see a place to enter the hours. We did a campout this past weekend 3 scouts and 3 adults leaders with three hours each.
Thank you.

well it kind of sounds like you made a campout - not a service log - they are different in the system

Elaborating on @DonovanMcNeil’s response, you would need to create a second “event” for the service project component by entering it in the Service logs.

This is similar to what we had to do in Scoutbook where we would enter the camping nights once in Quick Entry, then the service hours in a second pass through Quick Entry. There was no way to associate the service hours with the campout, per se in Scoutbook.

I could see a use case for a global “event”, and events have various properties:

  • Camping days
  • Camping nights
  • Service hours
  • Miles hiked
  • Miles biked
  • Miles traveled on water

Then, the event could simply be populated with attendees, assuming everyone completed every element of the event. However, that’s not always my experience with trips that don’t have a set itinerary (e.g. some folks do service AM & PM, while others do the AM service, but take a hike in the PM, etc).

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