Entire roster is showing up as not registered

Noticed people dropping off of an event RSVP list and went to look. My roster is showing up as not registered. There a new bug this morning?

@GrantMullins - how does the roster look in my.scouting.org ?


When I look at your unit in the database it is showing 87 youth and 44 adults in Scoutbook and 88 youth and 33 adults in Akela.

Try a hard refresh (SHIFT + REFRESH) on your Scoutbook roster page.

I’ve done the refresh but it hasn’t changed anything. All members show as unregistered in Scoutbook.

The roster on IA looks ok though.

For the scout that disappeared, when I add him back to the event I get an error about JWT Tokens.

@GrantMullins - I had asked about my.scouting.org roster

My.scouting.org roster looks fine as well.

@GrantMullins I setup a full roster sync to run around 5pm CST to see if it resolves SB issue

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It appears to have to have just cleared up. Not real sure why though.

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