Entries of Activities for January 2022 were entered in Internet Advancement in January 2021

I entered 3 activities in Internet advancement for January 2022, but they were all listed in January 2021. Two were duplicated in both years, but one was only recorded only in January 2021

@HubertShaffer - can you edit the dated and delete the duplicate entries?

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If I remove the entry in January 2021, it also removes it in January 2022. They seem to be linked.

we have seen some that look like 2021 but aren’t - it has been reported

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Is there a way to move the January 2022 activity (which is not duplicated) from 2021 to the current year. I have tried multiple times without success.

when I saw it it showed on both

Note on the two January grids that the January 1, 2022 activity (hike) only shows up on the January 2021 grid.