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Environmental Science checking of #3 not working- does anybody else have issues if e was selected?

For #3 it says Do ONE activity from seven of the following categories.

Then you actually see eight categories and #3 is also not automatically checked off . Checking it off manually of course does not work.

The 8 possible ones are: a, b, c, d, e , f, g, h.

I believe the check in the background was programmed incorrectly.

The programmers probably have a check for a, b, c, d, f, g, and h but not for e. That would explain the seven requirements.

look at the top of the merit badge page - what version is the scout on?

and under the other #3 requirements - do you have any that have 2 completed? Just noticed that and I think that is the bug as 3e works fine on its own - BUT I can do 3e(1-3) (or any other one) and the percent goes up for each one.

but to answer the big question once all is done you can force the merit badge complete/approved by clicking percent complete at top of page

Thanks for your help! I think I might have misunderstood.

I thought the Scout has to do everything under for example (e) and then #3 would be checked off.

Is it correct that they have to do one thing from a, one thing from b, one thing from c, one thing from d, one thing from e, one thing from f, and one thing from g?

I will try after the Scouts have done something from a different topic.

1 from each letter just as requirement says

@KerstinLambert - exactly as written in the official record:

There are 8 areas and the scout works on one item in seven of the eight areas… not rocket science… well that is other merit badges

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