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Environmental Science MB Requirement 5

Environmental Science MB from 2019 Requirements Book. Requirement 5 states “Using the construction project provided” What/where is this provided project? Did I miss it in the book? Can anyone provide a page number please.

I’m not aware of if being in the booklet, per se, although there is a list of some general steps for creating an EIR in the back of the “Activities in Environmental Science” portion of the booklet. I’ve always provided my scouts with a project to consider, or encouraged them to come up with one of their own. I have understood it to be in the scope of the MBC to provide at least one proposed project to consider.

Charley thank you for your reply. It is my understanding MB Counselors cannot add or subtract from merit badge book and it states “project provided.” A scout brought it up so I am just running to ground. He’s like, why does the book state it provided a project and I cannot find it in the book… So I was like, let me see what BSA has to say about that. might be able to give some insite into this.

Leaders are not allowed to add to or subtract from the requirements. If we didn’t supplement the handbooks, we couldn’t, for example, take our Cooking MB scouts to a commercial kitchen or culinary school to learn more about cooking careers.

In this case, if the scout doesn’t want to use the project I provide, I would say “Well, you have the option to use one you create on your own…”

To clarify, there is no requirement that a scout even possess the MB pamphlets. If a scout comes to me and wants to do a merit badge and doesn’t have the pamphlet, I can recommend that he get access to it, but not require he use it. I can’t think of any merit badges that actually specify that you read or do something based on what’s in the pamphlet. The requirements I can think of are open-ended enough that, in principle, they can be done without the pamphlet at all. Many are much easier if you read the pamphlet (e.g. Env Sci 1a about the BSA’s contributions to environmental science leans heavily on the Roots of Environmental Science chapter in the pamphlet).

ETA: Corrected some typos and added some comments re: application of the pamphlets.

ETA2: A Scouting magazine article on teaching Environmental Science MB may also shed some light on this discussion.


Composite Materials requires the scout to do a project which comes from the book. Having said that, the book does NOT provide a detailed plan. Just a number of projects from which to choose.

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Thanks, @KirkWood. I’m not a counselor for that MB, so I might not have ever noticed it. I’ll keep that in mind if one of my scouts and about Composite Materials MB so I can make sure they are aware of the need for the pamphlet.

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I would mention that there is no reason for every scout working the MB to get a book. As long as someone can get access to the book to see the projects listed. The instructions are NOT super detailed.

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More that I wanted to pass it along to our Librarian so he knew to have at least one in the troop library.

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Construction Project Plan

The Environmental Science MB requirement is:

  1. Using the construction project provided or a plan you create on your own, identify the items that would need to be included in an environmental impact statement for the project planned.

– per the Environmental Science, a merit badge pamphlet requirements and resources extract

I suspect “a construction project plan” might be as simple as stating “build a mountain roadway from point A to point B”, “build a dam at point A”, “build a fishery at point A”, or “build a housing complex at point A”

This requirement is about what goes in an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). There are many different EISs. For real examples EISs see:

P.S. We do not expect Scouts to be Environmental Engineers with college degrees to complete these requirements.

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