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Environmental Science Merit Badge

It looks like the Environmental Science merit badge entry for Scoutbook is missing a requirement section. I do not see section 3h (Invasive species). It is part of the workbook updated on June 20 but is not on the Scoutbook page. What can we do? Thanks!

@MelissaScott1 - It would appear that you have a requirement set from 2016 rather then the updated 2020 version in place for that scout.

I agree with @Stephen_Hornak. I see Requirement 3h in the 2020 version as well:

If the Scout started the MB prior to the release of the 2020 version, he/she may continue using he requirements in place at the time. If you need to change the version and anything is marked complete, you must delete the MB then re-add it to the Scout’s profile.

To delete a MB, click on Percent Complete then click the Remove Merit Badge button.


Thanks for all the help. Deleting and adding back the MB fixed it. Thanks again!

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