Error accessing 2019 data in IA

I added this on to another topic maybe a week ago, then updated again a few days ago, without a response so I’m opening a new topic.

I cannot access 2019 in IA 2.0. I get “An Error occurred while processing the request”. I can access every other year, but not 2019. I need to verify some information. I have logged out and in and closed and re-opened, using Chrome, but to no avail.

What data are you trying to access?

Anything in 2019 in IA Activities. As soon as I move the arrow to 2019 (either from 2020 or from 2018) I receive the error msg


I have notified the developers.

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Any word? I still can’t access 2019 and would like to before I run into any problems with reporting.

I have asked the developers for an update.

This seems to be resolved. There are a few other wonky things (I have posted) but I can now access 2019.