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Error in recording Rank Advancement

Scoutbook is showing a scout having completed Life. However, she does not have enough Eagle required MB’s yet. The advancement chair says it was recorded in error. How do I undo it?

click the complete and erase the date of the rank

Thank you for the quick response! I don’t see how to click complete. Is it because
the rank shows as completed and leader approved by “BSA Administrator” and Awarded by our Adv. chair.

Who is BSA Administrator? All of the Life Rank requirements in the box below are showing unchecked. Seems like a system error…?

Sounds like your registrar made a mistake - if BSA Admin

Go to Scout page > Advancement > Life Rank > click here

Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 2.47.44 PM

Then uncheck the Approved and whatever boxes and erase the date and save

Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 2.49.39 PM

Just in case it applies in this case, please note that some of the either/or Eagle required badges (e.g. Swimming/Hiking/Cycling) can each count for the purposes of being an Eagle Required for Star and Life ranks. A scout just can’t count more than one of the badges when they actually apply for Eagle.

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I really appreciate your help!! It’s probably user error…but when I go there I get this error and cannot go to the next step:

“requirement #3 for merit badges should be approved before you can complete this rank”

Life Scout Rank requirements are not all marked complete, but the badge is showing Earned, Leader approved and awarded…

I tried doing a screen shot but I’m not sure if it you can see it…

@LisaGilmore try doing it 3 steps - clear awarded > save > clear approve> save > then clear date > save

That is a bug in Scoutbook. Until we get it fixed, your best solution is to contact your registrar and have them remove the Life rank in ScoutNET. This should push to Scoutbook and clear the approval.

yeah the registrar put in the same date for Star and Life in their system it looks like

OK! I figured something is broken. I sent your suggestion to council (the only people outside of our troop who would have access to our database!). Thanks for your help!!!

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