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Error message *Advancement sync*. Please help!

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I am receiving an error message from Scoutbook when I’m approving advancements. When I go to G***'s page I cannot locate where to setup advancement sync. Can anyone help? Many thanks!
Message is below.

G*** needs to be setup with advancement sync before you can approve any of his advancement. Any Key 3 member or Admin can setup advancement sync for this Scout from his account page.

Does the scout have a bsa member number on their profile? If so, go to the scout’s membership, click the current membership. I check the position approved and click update. Go back in, recheck position approved, and click update.

Ah! That’s what is missing! Thank you!

Well, I thought that was it. I got another error message.

BSA Member #: The BSA Member Number already exists under another user account in Scoutbook. Please check the number or try to remove the number from the other account first.

In that case:

  1. Are you a pack/troop admin?
  2. Is the scout on your member manager roster in

Yes, I’m the Advancement Chair.

He is on our master roster.

Just so I understand, the version of the scout that you see on the Scoutbook roster does not have a bsa member number in it. Is there another one? Try looking at your pack/troop roster with out group scouts by den/patrol.

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He does not have a BSA # entered on the Scoutbook roster. Is there a way to look up a scout by BSA#? Should we create a different number for him?

A key 3 or key 3 delegate can Check member manager in to see if this scout is even registered with you. Is this a transfer scout?

He is on our list. He started as a lion.

You can send an Email to - this might take several days - you can ask them to merge the accounts

Or try using the transfer tool to get the real account - go to unit roster and the transfer tool is under the list of Scouts. Enter in the Scouts Data and transfer them in - then update the scout with what ever advancements. Once done put an end date on the membership of the profile with no BSA #.

Thanks! I will send an email.

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